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Edward B. Photography

Austin, Texas wedding & freelance photographer and Hye-Yun's very own son.

Recommended Harp Resources

A great place to order harp music, harp strings, and accessories online, also has great information on harps and the history of the harp

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Lyon & Healy

Top of the line harp maker - harps, harp music, strings, and accessories

Harp Column

Harp periodical - "Practical news, for practical harpists"

Vanderbilt Music

Site for ordering harp music, strings, accessories, and harps

American Harp Society

Members stay up to date with information on harp teacher directories, different vendors on harp manufactures, articles related to harps & harpists, etc.

Salvi Harps

Italian harp manufacturer - harps, harp music, strings, and accessories

The Harp Connection

Harp showroom in Salem, MA

Virginia Harp Center

Harp showroom in Richmond, VA offering large variety of pedal and lever harps

Virginia Music Teacher's Association

Organization for music teachers